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Profumo per ambiente: ARANCIO DI TANGERI - Pozione Energizzante, Olio Essenziale 30ml | Anna Paghera Official Store
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30ml Essential Oil


Energizing Potion


Energizing Potion - to alleviate the daily puffing

Orange peel, cinnamon sticks and cloves blanched on ardent embers and embellished by touches of oriental spices. Reminds of timeless gestures and perfumes.

RECIPE seven pounds of blanched orange peel, an ounce of cloves, some benzoin drupe, a handful of tarragon leaves, a pinch of moss and one of cinnamon, an ounce of antique wisdom and a good dose of healthy selfishness.

  • 30 ml pure essential oil Home Fragrance in special glossy black glass bottles to be used in to be used with Anna Paghera’s special ultrasounds diffusers or to revive any ceramic, earthenware, wood or fabric perfuming objects used in closets, drawers or cars.
  • Average Duration: 60/80 complete cycles (3-4 months if used for 1 cycle a day)
  • Made with IFRA certified raw materials to preserve the health and the environmet.
  • Black Matte Eco-Logical Box cm.4x4x9h. Weight gr.150

Boxed fragrance, inserted in a shopper bag with black cotton band, together with a card to write a dedication message.