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Anna Paghera

…an eco-green-chic vision
Anna Paghera was born into a family green fingered by definition. Five generations devoted to nature, a surname which, in the ancient local language means fir wood.
A heritage of green genes and an innate vocation for beauty, harmony and architectural rigour, form the roots and habitat of a style that mixes nature and aesthetic sensitivity, modernity and classicism.
An eco-green-chic vision applied to different yet complementary fields:

Green design: Creating sceneries is a truly exciting job: out of nothing, a special something is born, able to conquer, fascinate, surprise. Each time differently. And each project, irrespective of dimensions and whether it is about a garden, studying a trade show stand or special fitting for private or company events, will engage and captivate equally. The creative-emotional part, involved in interpreting, requires research, theme study and a creativity able to fly high, free from any binding, other than not exceeding the budget. And the rational part, involved instead in the realization aspect, which demands practicality, a perfect organization, calibrated on time schedules and modus operandi, studied and optimized down to the last detail given that nothing can be left out and underestimated. Experience has taught me how to outguess the unforeseen and the concreteness for solving it. It is out of this mix of ingredients that are born installations that transform any place in scenes of great visual and emotional impact, loaded of atmosphere and power of suggestion
Interior design: Life styles, ways of welcoming, cooking, moving within spaces, are the inputs that drive the creative and designing phases for the interior design of private homes. The focus is wider for those spaces dedicated to hospitality, entertainment, shopping. But one factor unites every project: that eco-green thinking that is part of my dna, that instinctively pushes me towards whatever is Nature and natural. Like thinking of healthy environments adopting quality, taking into account the rising and setting of the sun as well as light and heat exposure for orienting rooms. Conceiving indoor and outdoor spaces as one being the continuing of the other so that green, architecture and interior design can melt harmoniously giving meaning, character and coherence to the scene as a whole. With rigor and fantasy, beauty and surprise. For the eyes and the soul
Fragrances Collections: A way to fixate in the memory its essence, to recognise it amongst a thousand with eyes shut: perfume, flavour, bark texture, leaves and petals. An olfactory vocabulary formed on the teaching of a great school: nature. At my full disposal I had hectares of land cultivated with all sorts of plants and shrubs. I could assist to any of their vegetating cycles, recognise their winter bark as well as spring sprouts and then their evolution into leaves, flowers and fruit. A life cycle that translated into scents and different perfumes depending on the season. Olfactory memory is where I drew out of to give life to a line of ambience perfumes inspired by what I have lived, breathed, learnt ever since I was a child. Exclusive collections of Personal Perfumes, Home Fragrances and Aroma Diffusers to make perfume a constant presence throughout the day and remind us to live with the right amount of light-heartedness.
Each fragrance is made of prime natural raw materials and rigorously certified by IFRA.
Each fragrance is a place, a color, a world.
Each fragrance tells a story: the one you shall find within yourself
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