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Home Perfumes formulated as antique potions

Fragrances that enclose the mystery and magic that once upon a time used to accompany the formulation of perfume recipes born in the workshop of an apothecary, a sort of alchemist fascinated by the study of essences, plants, the human body and the remedies needed by the body and the mind.

An ironic revisiting of ancient potions, mixed with the conviction that nothing more than nature and its perfumes can take us closer to our true essence, our truest nature.

Remedies to improve the mood and favour happiness.
They evoke positive sensations and are useful to trigger optimism, encourage to an immoderate light heartedness, dust off congenital but asleep hilarity, and stimulate a strong inclination to exceed in good taste.

The fragrances are enclosed in special “absolute black” glass bottles, to screen and ensure against the oxidation over time of essential oils. Box in matte black cardboard complemented by a folding leaflet inside the pack, to tell at a glance the philosophy of the line and the history and uniqueness of each fragrance.

USAGE PRECAUTIONS: distribute with no moderation.
CONTRAINDICATIONS: the content may generate side effects only on subjects lacking in sense of humour or generally allergic to irony. Before using, take a good look in the mirror, forget about yourself and fill up with yourself.
200 ml Home Spray200 ml for the home, car and workplace.
30 ml Essential Oils for the use with our Ultrasonic Fragrance Diffusers and other similar devices