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Fragrance Diffusers

Perfumes, ionizes, humidifies

The most efficient, healtiest automatic system to purify and lighten the air we breathe while humidifying and perfuming it instantly and for many hours depending on the chosen program.

A stylish olfactory furnishing element to characterize homes and workplaces. Producing 2.5 million vibrations per second, the ultrasonic waves transform water into a micronized and ionized mist, reproducing the effect that in nature is found in forests and next to waterfalls. The essential oil added to water is nebulized without heat, the only system to maintain unaltered the active principles and olfactory notes. The perfume is immediately spreaded in the air making the environment healtihier and more pleasant for 3 or 7 consecutive hours, depending on the selected program. When water runs out the security stop system is activated.

A combined action of water and aromatherapy studied to favour wellbeing with aromatherapeutical beneficial effects for people and ambiences.